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What is MDMA / Ecstasy pills?

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The pure chemical compound’s official chemical name is MDMA. Ecstasy (E), also known as 3,4-Methylenedioxy methamphetamine, is a psychoactive drug.
MDMA/Ecstasy is a “psychedelic” stimulant drug that is typically sold as tablets but is occasionally dabbed on gums or snorted in powder form.

MDMA / Ecstasy pills is a recreational drug because of its ability to make people feel euphoric and sympathetic. It can be used to feel energized, happy, or to stay awake and dance for hours on end. The effects take about half an hour to kick in and last between 3 and 6 hours before gradually fading.

Ecstasy is frequently consumed at music festivals (often multi-day events featuring multiple artists), nightclubs, raves (large dance parties), or house parties.

Ecstasy pills are swallowed and come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, and are frequently imprinted with a picture or symbols, but they can also take the form of capsules, powder, or crystal. (MDMA)

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MDMA Safer Use

  • MDMA is commonly found in ecstasy pills. However, these do not always contain only MDMA, but also other substances such as mephedrone, methylone, m-CPP, and others. The interactions, particularly with MDMA, have received little attention.
  • Ecstasy pills are frequently in extremely high doses. If drugchecking is not possible, do not take more than one-third of the tablet as the first dose.
  • Consume in moderation. Alcohol and MDMA do not mix, and speed interferes with the MDMA spectrum!
    The combination of MDMA and MAO inhibitors/antidepressants significantly raises serotonin levels in the brain. This can result in epileptic seizures and circulatory collapse.
  • A combination of MDMA and MAO-inhibitors results in a slower breakdown of MDMA in the body and, as a result, a potentially life-threatening MDMA concentration.
  • If you use it more than every 6 weeks, your serotonin level will not be able to replenish itself, and depression may result.
  • MDMA should only be consumed with people you know and trust. Take MDMA only if you are in good health.
  • When dancing, remember to keep a sufficient supply of liquid on hand. Otherwise, there is a risk of dehydration.
  • Ecstasy should not be used by anyone suffering from the following medical conditions: asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, high blood pressure, or cardiovascular disorders. Ecstasy should not be used by people who are mentally unstable.
  • Certain drug interactions pose a particularly serious health risk. In general, when taking medication, any type of drug should be avoided.
  • Do you think you’re consuming too much? The drug rehabilitation center near you will gladly assist you!

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