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For This product goes by several names including GHB, “G” (most common), Gamma-OH, Liquid E, Fantasy, Georgia Home Boy, Grievous Bodily Harm, Liquid X, Liquid Ecstasy (is not ecstasy), Scoop, Water, Everclear, Great Hormones at Bedtime, GBH, Soap, Easy Lay, to get ghb Salty Water, G-Riffick, Cherry Meth, an Organic Quaalude, Jib, geoipdetect propertycountryname defaultus langen, des ménages primoaccédants franciliens, international comparison of approaches

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GHB is a narcotic sold as a liquid in little vials.

It is similarly open in clear powder to be debilitated in a glass of water. It is dull and has no smell. GBL changes into GHB in the body. It’s a commonplace thing in the auto business.

Well known as the “date attack drug”, GHB/GBL has a sad standing, yet alcohol remains the key substance point by point in relationship with assault.


Indeed, in the event that suspension is sudden and the client has taken rehashed high portions (nervousness, a sleeping disorder, quakes, solid spasms, inconvenience dozing, queasiness, heaving, looseness of the bowels). Albeit uncommon, the most extreme instances of unexpected GHB stopping bring about serious fomentation, distrustfulness, visual and hear-able pipedreams, tachycardia (expanded pulse) and hypertension.


Blood: GHB is presently not perceptible in that frame of mind following 8 hours.
Pee: GHB is presently not perceptible in pee following 12 hours.

Intoxication management

  • No antidote available. Certain medications can, however, neutralize some of its effects.
  • Treatment is mainly symptomatic.

Other useful information

  • GHB is used as a party drug. However, it is also used to commit crimes, hence its nickname “date rape drug”. Its nickname is the result of its properties which include amnesia, state similar to drunkenness and very short duration of action. GHB does not have any aphrodisiac properties as such, but can cause a loss of sexual inhibition.

Many different street drugs are sold under the same name. Furthermore, nothing guarantees the quantity, purity or even the content of a street drug in spite of the fact that it may, in some cases, look like medication.

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Purchase GHB Online

Purchase GHB Online. gamma-Hydroxybutyric corrosive or γ-Hydroxybutyric corrosive, otherwise called 4-hydroxybutanoic corrosive, is a normally happening synapse and a psychoactive medication. It is a forerunner to GABA, glutamate, and glycine in specific cerebrum regions. It follows up on the GHB receptor and is a feeble agonist at the GABAB receptor.

GHB (Gamma hydroxybutyrate) is a sedative with principally quieting instead of painkilling properties. It is frequently sold as ‘fluid joy’ due to its relaxant and euphoric impacts, in spite of the fact that it has no relationship to delight.

GBL (Gamma butyrolactone) and 1,4-BD (1,4-butanediol) are synthetics that are firmly connected with GHB. When GBL or 1,4-BD enter the body, they convert to GHB rapidly.

GHB, GBL and 1,4-BD are clear, scentless, sleek fluids that taste somewhat pungent. Clients frequently swallow them blended in with water or other sodas. When planned for illegal use, GHB, GBL and 1,4-BD are sold in little containers or cases. In any case, as solvents, GBL and 1,4-BD in all actuality do have authentic purposes, for instance in a few paint strippers and stain removers.

Equation: C4H8O3
Grouping: Hydroxybutyrates
Different names: γ-Hydroxybutyric corrosive; γ-Hydroxybutyrate; GHB
Beginning of activity: Within 5-15 min
Digestion: 95%, chiefly liver, additionally in blood and tissues
End half-life: 30-an hour
IUPAC ID: 4-Hydroxybutanoic corrosive, Sodium 4-hydroxybutanoate

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