Tamiflu (oseltamivir)


amiflu is an antiviral drug used to prevent and treat the influenza virus. Available to buy online from Dr Fox.
Are there any special precautions with Tamiflu?
Tamiflu is only effective against the influenza virus – and not against any other types of virus.

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Buy Tamiflu AUstralia

Tamiflu Australia is an antiviral medicine that is used to prevent and treat the flu virus.

The brand name of the drug is Tamiflu. Oseltamivir is the name of the ingredient that works.

How does Tamiflu work?
The flu is caused by getting infected with the flu virus. Tamiflu works by stopping the flu virus from making more copies of itself. It does this by stopping the neuroaminidase enzymes in the viral cell wall from working.

Antibiotics only work for infections caused by bacteria. Antiviral drugs are used to treat viral illnesses like the flu.

What do you do with a Tamiflu?
Tamiflu is approved as a treatment for flu and as a way to lower the risk of getting flu in people who have been around someone who has it.

Tamiflu is not a good way to avoid getting a flu shot (vaccine). If you are at risk, you should get a flu shot.

How do you take this Medication?
Each capsule of Tamiflu has 75mg of oseltamivir in it. Here are the doses that are suggested for adults who weigh 40 kg or more.

For flu, an adult should take one 75 mg capsule twice a day for 5 days. For best results, it should be started within two days of the first sign.

To avoid getting the flu, adults should take one 75mg capsule every day for 10 days.
Don’t break or crush the Tamiflu capsule. Instead, swallow it whole.
You can take Tamiflu with or without food. Taking it with food can make it less likely that you will get sick.
See the Patient Information Leaflet for more information.

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What to do if you forget a Tamiflu dose?

If you forget to take a dose, take it as soon as you remember and take the next one on time. This is unless your next pill is coming in less than 2 hours, in which case you should skip this dose. Do not take two capsules of Tamiflu at once.

How well does Tamiflu work?
The first clinical tests of Tamiflu were encouraging. In 2000, a study found that taking Tamiflu within 36 hours of the first sign of flu cut the length of the episode by 30% and the severity by 40%. Complications of the flu, like bronchitis and pneumonia, were also less common.

In another study, a group of people who had been around someone with the flu were looked at. This group was broken up into two smaller groups. One group got Tamiflu, and the other group got a fake medicine. 12% of the people in the placebo group got the flu, while only 1% of those in the Tamiflu group did. This had a big effect on the numbers.

Studies done by the company that made Tamiflu showed that it made the flu virus less contagious.

But since then, the results of other studies have not been as good. Some critics think that some of the evidence about Tamiflu was exaggerated, and that the side effects weren’t always made clear.

Between 1999 and 2014, the Cochrane Library made a list of all the published evidence about Tamiflu and reviewed it in several reports. They came to the conclusion that Tamiflu only cuts the length of a flu episode by 16.8 hours.

They were worried about how often and how bad the side effects were, especially mental ones like depression and suicidal thoughts. They couldn’t prove that Tamiflu helped people in high-risk situations in a big way.

Still, the AU government bought a lot of oseltamivir to prepare for a supposed outbreak of bird flu that never happened. It is still a possible antiviral treatment for those who want to take it, especially those who take it after being exposed to the flu virus as a preventive measure to avoid getting sick.

Does taking Tamiflu have any side effects?
The side effects below are not all of them. See the Patient Information Leaflet for more information.

Effects that happen often (1 in 10 users)
Common side effects (1 in 100 users)
Abdominal pain
Uncommon side effects (1 in 1,000 users)
Reactions to allergies
Skin rashes
Heart rhythm problems
Liver function tests that aren’t normal
Rare side effects (1 in 10,000 users)
Blood count not right
When the digestive system starts to bleed
Liver failure
Stevens Johnson Syndrome
Erythema multifocal

Should I take any special care with This medicine?
Tamiflu only works against the flu virus. It doesn’t work against any other viruses.

You can’t use Oseltamivir instead of getting a flu shot. If you are over 65, pregnant, have a long-term heart or lung condition, or have a weak immune system, you should get a flu shot.

There isn’t enough information about how safe or effective Tamiflu is for people with long-term heart or lung problems or other health problems, especially if they need to go to the hospital. There isn’t enough evidence to say if oseltamivir australia will work if your immune system is already weak.

If you have any of these conditions and are worried about getting the flu, you should see your doctor. You can’t buy Tamiflu online from Dr. Fox if you have any of these conditions.

Psychiatric problems have been reported in people who take Tamiflu, as well as in people who have the flu but are not taking Tamiflu. If you decide to take oseltamivir australia, your doctor should keep an eye on you and you should let him or her know if your mental health symptoms change or get worse.

Tamiflu does not make you sleepy or make it hard to drive.

If you are taking Tamiflu, don’t drink grapefruit juice.

Can someone who is pregnant or nursing use Oseltamivir?
Even though Oseltamivir hasn’t been linked to any major foetal problems, you should talk to your doctor before taking it.

Tamiflu can be found in very low amounts in breast milk, so it is not a good idea to take it if you are breastfeeding.

Influenza itself is linked to bad pregnancy and foetal outcomes, including a higher risk of major birth defects, such as heart defects. Women who are pregnant are strongly encouraged to get the seasonal flu shot.

Can you drink alcohol with Oseltamivir?
No one tells you not to drink alcohol while taking oseltamivir australia. But it’s always better to stay away from alcohol or drink in moderation when taking medicine.

Does Tamiflu mess up your birth control?
There are no known interactions with any type of birth control.

What other medicines can I take with oseltamivir?
Tamiflu is not known to have any major drug interactions.

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